Second Nature

Second Nature Cover Art

Your mother’s dead.

Three little words bring Catherine Cole’s world crashing down around her.

Swallowed by grief and seeking solitude, she retreats into isolation, only to be found by James ap Seoras, a rebel leader from another earth. He needs her help to save the land he calls home and has no intention of taking no for an answer.

Soon, Cate finds herself a reluctant stranger in a foreign world, guided, protected, and challenged by James. Despite his undeniable plight, her only goal is to go home—a quest that grows increasingly difficult as she becomes ensnared in an ancient war between good and evil. Both sides vie for possession of her body and soul, twisting and turning Cate in ways she never imagined possible, until she no longer recognizes who—or what—she is.

As she fights to regain the life she knew, a horrible truth is revealed, leaving Cate in a free fall. Home is a word with no meaning, and the lines between right and wrong are eradicated.

Prophecy claims she belongs to the dark, but light refuses to let her go. Destined to tip a precarious balance and bring a war to its end, Cate must make a choice…but which side will she choose?

Status:  Now Available in paperback and on Kindle


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