June, 2020

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Halfway Point

Admittedly, I have completely lost my ability to tell time, days of the week, weeks of the month, and months of the year, but I think it’s slightly past the halfway point of the year. Which means it’s probably about that time when I take a look at the goals I set for myself back in January to see how my year is progressing. Or, you know, not progressing, as the case may be. I honestly don’t know. January feels like it was a million years ago.

—Publish Love & Other Lies

Well, I haven’t managed to do this yet. Which comes as a shock, I know. What may be more shocking, however, is that I’ve actually made some progress on this goal. I don’t really want to go into any details because doing so feels too much like tempting fate or something, but yes. Progress has been made. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

July’s goal: Continue making progress and don’t, you know, sabotage everything because I’m an anxiety-ridden freakazoid. Which I would never do except I would do exactly that because I’m an anxiety-ridden freakazoid.

—Complete first draft of Full Circle

I haven’t accomplished this, either, but I have made some progress on it. Kind of. Sort of. I mean, yesterday, I totally had this realization about the story that would mean I have to add way more stuff to it and restructure a not-insignificant part of acts one and two in order to do it. Which is totally cool and exactly what I had hoped would happen midway through the year because why make progress on a WIP when you can actually make the opposite of progress? And sure, if you want to get all technical about it, I am making progress on this story because, apparently, knowing where it’s headed is, like, a vital part of the process. It just doesn’t feel much like progress.

July’s goal: Jot down notes for this super awesome restructuring project for which I’m totally psyched. But this WIP’s on the back burner for the moment.

—Write the first draft of the Terrible Romance Sequel

Hahahahaha! Look! It’s a goal on which I wasn’t suppose to MAKE any progress yet because it’s not slated to be started until NOVEMBER! God, I LOVE this goal!

I have jotted down some ideas for it and started building its playlist (super vital, I know). I’m looking forward to November because I have no idea how I’m going to write this book. Or even if I can.

July’s goal: Jot down any notes or ideas that pop into my head. But this WIP’s still on the back burner.

—Read at least 52 books

I’m actually on track with this goal. For the moment, anyway. And that’s only the case because I decided to re-read Robert B. Parker’s Spenser series and most of those books are, like, 80% short lines of dialogue. But hey, it still counts.

July’s goal: Read at least four books to stay on track

—Walk at least three miles per day

I have…mostly done this. Some days, I miss the mark by a little (or a lot…) and other days, I clear it by a wide margin. I’ve averaging at least three miles per day and am well ahead in the yearly mileage goal count-tally thing.

July’s goal: Keep up that whole ‘not becoming part of the couch’ thing

—Declutter and downsize


Yeah. I haven’t done this. Like, at all. I think I may have, in fact, done the opposite.

July’s goal: Continue to lie to myself that I’m actually going to do this…

And on that note…I’m outta here.

How are you doing on your 2020 goals, or were you perhaps one of those smart people who didn’t make any? What’s on your agenda for July? If it is July. (Or, you know, will be in a few days…)

Unless I forget (which I never do…), I’ll be back on Wednesday for the Insecure Writers Support Group!

See y’all then. Thanks for stopping by!

Bad Fairy

Today, on My Pet Blog, we’re putting the spotlight on author Elaine Kaye and her brand new release (with the most adorable cover art ever…), Bad Fairy.

Thistle Greenbud is not a bad fairy. She simply doesn’t like rules, and it’s just her luck that her homework is to create a new rule for the fairy handbook. But first, she has more important things to do. Like figure out how to get back at Dusty and Moss for playing tricks on her.

Before she can carry out her plan, though, disaster strikes and she finds herself working alongside the very fairies she wanted revenge on. Can they work together and trust each other, or will things go from bad to worse?

Now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Just the facts, ma’am…

Title: Bad Fairy

Series: A Bad Fairy Adventure (Book One)

Author: Elaine Kaye

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Genre: Fantasy Middle Grade

Length: 66 pagesAge Range: 8-12

Check out an excerpt…

As we watch the boys, the wind picks up, making the fern lay flat, exposing us. We gasp and make a dash for the closest tree. Behind it, we huddle together.

“Boogles! A branch just hit me,” Weedy says.

The sky turns black. Wind swirls dust and leaves, and spits pebbles at us. This is not good. We have to get going now or else our payback will get blown away.

“Let’s go!” I scream and lead the group from behind the tree, but the wind makes it hard for us to move forward.

Rose and Lilly grab hands as they run, screaming, toward the creek. Lacey stumbles over a fallen twig, landing flat and hitting her face hard on the ground. When she doesn’t move, I race to her as sand and pine needles prick my skin.

I help Lacey to her feet. Luckily, she only has a few cuts on her face. A tiny bit of blood streaks down her forehead. She looks at me. Fear is bright in her eyes. She needs help. We all need help. I peer toward the creek. The boys are still there, frantically trying to lift the bag full of stones.

Shouting a warning and waving my arms, I hurry to the creek, trying to get their attention. Finally, Dusty sees me. He looks as if he’s been caught with his hand in the pixie jar.

I point to the sky and wave them to come our way. Rain starts to fall. Dusty pulls Moss from the creek. Fat drops of water pelt my head and wings as I wait for the boys to reach me. “It must be a twisty!” Dusty screams. “We better find shelter.”


Elaine Kaye is the author of A Gregory Green Adventure series. She first created Gregory Green after her son, who loved her homemade pea soup, thus inspiring the story Pea Soup DisasterBad Fairy is her middle grade debut and the first of A Bad Fairy Adventure series.

Kaye has worked as a library assistant and teacher’s assistant in elementary schools in the Sunshine State. She currently lives in Florida, but she has called Michigan; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Okinawa, Japan home. She is a grandmother of three boys.

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