February, 2021

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Writing Community (An IWSG Post)

It’s the first Wednesday of the month, which means it’s time for another action-packed installment of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

(For more information, including a complete list of participants, please click on the above link…)

This month’s awesome co-hosts are Louise-Fundy Blue, Jennifer Lane, Mary Aalgaard, Patsy Collins at Womagwriter, and Nancy Gideon.

This month’s (optional) question asks, “Blogging is often more than just sharing stories. It’s often the start of special friendships and relationships. Have you made any friends through the blogosphere?”

I am pleased to report that I have.

When I started blogging a thousand years ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I figured it would just be me talking to myself about whatever random whateverness popped into my head that day.

But then I stumbled onto the writing community, which led to this writing community and the opportunity to get to know some truly wonderful writers who inspire me greatly. I even found some friendships that extend beyond the world of writing (yes, there is, in fact, a world beyond writing), and a brand spanking new accountability partnership (I’m not sure I’m holding up my end of this partnership particularly well, but I aim to improve).

And I wouldn’t have any of these things if I hadn’t started blogging. So to you all I say…

Thanks for stopping by today, everyone. Be safe and well.

February Goals

It’s the beginning of the month, which means it’s time for another action-packed installment of MY MONTHLY GOALS!

But before we get to the main event, here’s a brief recap of what I accomplished last month. (And it’s definitely brief for the sake of post length. Definitely not because I didn’t accomplish very much. Definitely.)


—I added 5,700 words to Full Circle.

I started out the year having some third act issues, so I concentrated on finishing some of the incomplete scenes in the first two acts while my brain worked on the third act problems in the background. This was marginally successful. I wrote words, I deleted words, I ended up with a problem that I shall discuss more in February’s goals. So, progress is being made. Albeit very slow progress.

—I attempted some marketing.

My January Marketing Attempt (that’s a generous use of the words ‘marketing’ and ‘attempt’, by the way…) was to offer to mail bookmarks/postcards for my books to any interested readers. It’s the kind of thing that would be handed out at book events, had I any book events on my schedule. One person took me up on the offer, and judging by the email I received in response, it may even lead to a sale. So…successful-ish? (Yes, you’re probably (rightfully) laughing at me for thinking this could count as some sort of success, but please keep in mind that I am in a serious ‘remedial marketing for anxiety-ridden dummies’ place)

(Also, if you’re in the US & would like some bookmarks of your very own, I’ll be happy to send some your way. Just email or DM me or something.)

—As of the moment I wrote this post, I walked a total of 98 miles in January.

I aim for three miles every day and was, admittedly, lazier in January than normal, but the daily average was almost 3.2 miles. That is what the kids call…


—Figure out the main villain arc in Full Circle

As is often the case in everything I write, the story shape-shifts in unexpected ways, forcing me to rethinking/redraw certain character arcs and storylines and the like. Full Circle has proven to be no different. Yay.

I started reconstructing this arc toward the end of last month and had a brief moment of thinking it might all work out with little reconstruction on every other damn part of the WIP.

Yeah. That’s over now. I wrote out everything I know and don’t know about this arc and from that developed a list of eight items that still need to be addressed in order for this arc to be complete and maybe even (that’s a big MAYBE, by the way…) make some semblance of sense. (Apparently, that’s important to a story? I dunno. That’s just what I hear.)

As much as I may like to, I don’t think I can’t put it off any longer because this arc naturally has a hand in the main plot as well as the subplot. So I think if I want to make any further progress on this WIP, I will have to suck it up and do some deep thinking.

—Figure out & complete my February Marketing Attempt

Can I just say again how much I hate this? I just feel so very clearly NOT cut out for this line of work.

—Read a damn book

Though there are, like, five new releases sitting on the side table in the living room—books I was soooooo excited to pre-order and read—I have yet to even open any of them.

Seriously. What the hell is WRONG with me?

—Walk at least three miles every day

Just looking to stay somewhat active.

And on that note…I’m outta here.

What are your goals for February?

Be safe and well, all.