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Today, I am revealing the cover for my debut novel, Effigy.

Wait…that can’t be right. Let me just check something here…

Nope. That’s right. Today, I am revealing the cover for my debut novel, Effigy.

I’m still a little surprised and shocked, quite frankly, that this day has finally arrived, and that I am actually going through with it. It’s a big step for me. Huge, even. I kind of want to hide under my desk right about now. But only kind of.

Another huge step.

So, I’m unsure about what exactly I’m supposed to be doing here, but as a major part of the cover reveal is, you know, revealing the cover…


I don’t know why I just did that. Is it weird that I just did that?

The cover art is by the AMAZING Ravven, to whom I am so grateful. I am thrilled to have found her, and even more thrilled that she agreed to take on this project. I hope that someday she may agree to take on Effigy‘s sequel…you know, whenever it gets to that point.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Unusual, I know.

Hey, how about I post Effigy‘s blurb instead?

The survival of a once-mighty kingdom rests in the hands of its young queen, Haleine Coileáin, as it slowly succumbs to an ancient evil fueled by her husband’s cruelty.

A sadistic man with a talent for torture and a taste for murder, he is determined to burn the land and all souls within. Haleine is determined to save her kingdom and, after a chance encounter, joins forces with the leader of the people’s rebellion. She gives him her support, soon followed by her heart.

Loving him is inadvertent but becomes as natural and necessary as breathing. She lies and steals on his behalf, doing anything she can to further their cause. She compromises beliefs held all her life, for what life will exist if evil prevails?

Her journey leads to a deceiving world of magic, monsters, and gods she never believed existed outside of myth. The deeper she goes, the more her soul is stripped away, but she continues on, desperate to see her quest complete. If she can bring her husband to ruin and save her people, any sacrifice is worth the price—even if it means her life.


Click HERE for more information on Effigy, including excerpts.

Click HERE to add Effigy on Goodreads.

Effigy will be released on July 22, 2014.


This blog isn’t the only place at which you can check out my shiny new cover art. Here are the completely amazing people helping me out today:


Alex J. Cavanaugh

Annalisa Crawford

Mark Koopmans

M. Pepper Langlinais

Kyra Lennon

Patricia Lynne

Michael Offutt

Cherie Reich

Loni Townsend

Please stop by and say hi…their blogs are wonderful; you won’t be disappointed.

And THANK YOU for stopping by here today. As always, it is much appreciated.

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