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September Goals And A Few Other Things

Considering it’s the tenth, I’m a little late with this post, but that’s been the theme of things of late. If possible, I seem to be getting worse at time management. Not that I was ever all that good at it before, truth be told, but it feels like I am only ever efficient when I’m at my day job these days.


I really wish the opposite was true.

But since it isn’t, let’s start with a quick review of the goals I had set way back in August, shall we?

1. Walk, run, or bike at least 103 miles.

I killed this goal, logging a grand total of 131.5 miles. This was aided by a ten mile hike, and a pair of 15 miles bike rides while I was on vacation in Acadia. Thanks, Acadia!

2. Make some progress on Part Two of Second Nature.

At the start of August, this WIP’s word count was sitting at 222,400. Now it’s currently sitting at 225,504. Technically progress. I’ve been feeling stuck and a tad uninspired. I created yet another plan, and we’ll see if this one sticks. Here’s how the old storyboard’s lookin’ (see if you can spot the moment where I stop knowing what the hell is happening):

20140907_134449 (Medium)

3. Read more books.

Yeah, this one didn’t go as well. I read two books last month, which isn’t terrible, but it’s much lower than my average. There’s just never enough time…and I’m an insomniac.


And now for the goals I’ve set for September (can you stand the excitement? I know I can’t…)


1. Walk, run, or bike at least 66 miles.

Apparently, I really slacked off last September, so this month’s mileage goal is pretty low. Which is nice considering how much I’ve been slacking off on the mileage front so far this month.

2. Part Two of Second Nature still needs to be finished.

The starting September word count is 225,504. Maybe it’ll be higher come October. (Crap…is it really almost October?)

3. Survive First Public Author Appearance.

That’s right…I have scheduled my first public author appearance. I’ll be at the Local Author Book Fair at the library on September 20th. I have books to sell and bookmarks to give away. Well, provided they arrive in time. Maybe if they don’t, I can stay home.

4. Read more!

I miss reading. I need to do more of it. Maybe I’ll manage that in September.

5. Plan a trip to the Ren Faire.

A while back, I promised myself that if I managed to publish EFFIGY, I could buy myself either a double bladed battle axe, or a matching pair of short swords at the Ren Faire. Well, I managed to publish the book, and now I shall buy swords. Or an axe. I haven’t really decided between the two yet, but I think the swords have a slight edge. I have a character who fights with two swords, so…Yeah. Probably the swords. Or maybe the axe.


And just one more announcement before I go…


Shelfie Blog HopI’m helping out with the Shelfie Blogfest, the brainchild of author Tara Tyler. Other co-hosts, co-conspirators, contributors are Heather M. GardnerChristine RainsVikki BiramCD CoffeltElizabeth Seckman, and Rena Rocford.

Dates: Now through Monday, Oct 6
How To Enter: Take a picture of you and your book(s) – your favorites or your own novels. Or you can just arrange the books in a special way and take the picture – but you do get extra points for being in the photo.
Formats: Post on Twitter, Facebook, Blog – just make sure to include a link(s) to each for us.


Enter today for a chance to win some fabulous prizes!


I’m planning to do some other, better, photos later on for this blogfest, but I thought today I’d post a pic of my Harry Potter books. I am what my significant other calls a Completist, meaning I feel compelled to have complete sets of everything. Meaning I have the American, British, French, and Russian Harry Potter series. Most in paperback and hardcover. Because I am a freak. Anyway, here’s a picture of my Harry Potter collection:

DSCN2968 (Medium)

And that is going to do it for me today. This has been a very long post, and if you made it all the way to the end of it, I applaud you. I’ll try to make the next one shorter.

Have a great day, all.

August Goals

Effigy Proof Copies (Medium)Before I get started with a riveting recitation of goals and progress, let me say that the Effigy blog tour visits the blogfather himself, Alex J. Cavanaugh, today where I’ll be talking about the music I write by. Stop by and check it out!

On this blog today, I am talking goals. I set some for myself last month, and did pretty well with them. Take a look:

1. Walk, run, or bike at least 102 miles.

Completed. I logged 125 miles last month.

2. Publish Effigy.

Though you’re likely very tired of hearing about it, this goal was completed as well. (Enter the giveaway below! You know, if you want.)

3. Finish Part Two of Second Nature.

Nope. Not completed. I’m not surprised—this goal was a pipe dream from the start.

4. Complete guest posts for blog tour.

Not quite completed. I have one left to write, and two to send out. If you’re one of the bloggers waiting for those post, I swear they’re on their way. Very, very soon.

5. Read a book.

I actually read three. One was good. The others…not so much.

And now for this month’s goals…

1. Walk, run, or bike at least 103 miles.

Last August I covered 102 miles, so this month I will endeavor to do more.

2. Make some progress on Part Two of Second Nature.

Last month, I ended up deleting a lot of stuff. Not exactly the progress for which I had been hoping, but what are you going to do, right? Certain scenes weren’t working, and they had to go. Maybe this month I shall replace them with scenes that do work. Second Nature‘s word count is currently sitting at 222,400. Maybe by next month, it’ll be higher.

3. Read more books.

Last month was three books. Maybe this month I could read four. Maybe more. Probably not more.

And on that note, I’m outta here. I have another sure-to-be-fun shift at the day job. See y’all on the other side, and thank you for stopping by today.

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July Goals

According to my calendar, it’s the end of June. Some days I think my calendar is a big fat liar because how could it be the end of June already?


But either it truly is the end of June, or all the calendars in the world are a part of a massive conspiracy. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, but until I can prove it I must accept the fact that it’s time to set some goals. For July.


1. Walk, run, or bike at least 102 miles.

According to last year’s mileage book, I logged 101.5 miles last July. My goal this year has been to increase that number every month. I’ve done it so far, but I’m thinking this could be a real challenge. It’s an average of 3.25 miles each day. Not impossible (yesterday, I logged 10.5 miles), but a challenge. Which is good. I like a challenge, and something tells me I’ll need a distraction because of the next goal on this list…

2. Publish Effigy.

The date is set for July 22, 2014. All signs point to this actually happening. It’s possible that not even I can screw this up at this point. But I guess we’ll find out…

3. Finish Part Two of Second Nature.

It just has to get done. That’s all there is to it. I kind of have a road map to follow as I attempt to make this happen. Here’s hoping that it holds up.

4. Complete guest posts for blog tour.

I have ideas. Well, that’s kind of a generous term for what have. I have the very vaguest sense of what I intend to write about. They just need to be fleshed out and, you know, properly executed. And by that, I mean written. Not given a blindfold and a last cigarette.

5. Read a book.

I haven’t been doing a ton of reading of late. I’d like to change that.

And that’s going to do it for me today. I’m off for an action-packed shift at The Store. What’s on your agenda?

Halfway Point

Somehow we’re already halfway through not just the month of June, but the entire year. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it’s the truth.

Which means today I will be taking a look at the goals I set for myself back in January to see just how I’m doing with them.

Part One: Writing

1. Publish Effigy.

It seems that I may be within  30-something days of being able to cross this one off the list. The cover reveal is scheduled for next Monday, and the official release date has been set for July 22nd. And it could actually happen. Now I just need to stay out of my own way long enough for it to happen. Yikes. (Confession: I really wish it came down to something other than me needing to stay out of my own way. I am my own worst enemy, and I am convinced I will screw this up.)

2. Complete first draft of Second Nature.

I am not within 30-something days of being able to cross this one off the list. Lately, it feels as though it’ll be more like 30-something years. I am stuck, stuck, stuck, and no plan I concoct yields a promising result that sticks longer than an afternoon. I am trying not to worry too much about it, but worrying is what I do, and this draft needs to be finished. But it won’t be happening this week, as Effigy has laid claim to all of my free time for foreseeable future. Perhaps some forced time away from Second Nature will be just what this WIP needs. Or perhaps a new author is just what this WIP needs. (Likely Obvious Confession: My confidence whereas writing is concerned is at an exciting all-time low!)

Part Two: The Requisite Health Related Goals

1. Run, walk or bike 700 miles.

As of this post, I have logged 231 miles. I’m well below where I should be, but I’m well ahead of where I was at this point last year. I always seem to start off slow. February is never a very active month for me. I do much better in the summer months.

2. Eat healthier.

This goal isn’t going very well. I admit to binge eating a large amount of baked goods on a regular basis. Here’s my excuse: preparing to publish is stressful, I find, and I apparently need a steady stream of cake in order to cope. Maybe I’ll do better the second half of the year. But I doubt it.

Part Three: Last, But Not Least

1. Read 60 books.

According to Goodreads, I have read 39 books, which puts me twelve books ahead of schedule.

2. Turn weird little spare closet space into tiny little library.

Haven’t started this yet. I’ve thought about it a couple of times, but then I go right back to ignoring it completely.

And that is that.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how things are going—even if my confidence levels are currently critically low. And let’s be honest here—if Effigy wasn’t as close to publication as it is, I’d be the exact opposite of pretty happy. As goes that damn novel goes my nation. I really hope I don’t screw it up.

And on that positive thought, I’m out of here. I have a proof copy to review and unfortunate typos to lament. Thanks for stopping by today. It’s always appreciated.

Happy Monday, all.